Friday, 19 December 2014

Blue eyes

Eyes are most noticeable facial features,that's why every women think about her eye makeup,when ever she gets ready for a event or wearing makeup in routine. The right selection and application of eye makeup can give you a gorgeous and desirable look but applying perfect eye makeup is an art.

There  are some factors which you need to keep in your mind while applying any sort of makeup for eyes. Especially your eye color and the color of the dress that you are wearing are two main factors that should be considered before applying eye makeup.

While the occasion, season and time (day or night) also could not be neglected. The color of your hair as well as skin tone also is vital while deciding the eye makeup shade for blue eyes.

Eye shadow

When you Choose an accurate eye shadow for blue eyes is really a challenge as while picking an eye shadow, you have to select the shade, which not only highlights the blue color of your eyes but also give them a gorgeous look. Orange based shades like copper, rust, peach and bronze can be proved an impeccable choice for blue eyes makeup. If you are not willing to pick orange based shade, then go for black as this eye shadow will give you a smoky eyed, dramatic look.


Accurate eyeliner selection is very important, At the time of wearing a perfect eye makeup for blue eyes. Remember, light eyeliner colors make the blue eyes look dull so you need to avoid the light shade of eyeliner. Instead you can pick up dark colors such as dark blue, charcoal, brown, and black eyeliner for blue eyes.

Get your skin like baby

Is your dry? Daily exposure to pollution, sun, air condition, heat , make up, and harsh soaps can all contribute to dry skin. Here are some easy tips if you follow so your skin can become soft, and like baby skin.

Care of skin

clean your face with soap face wash using a gentle sponge. When you exfoliate you get rid of all the dirt and excess oil that has accumulated on your skin. Use a proper exfoliating scrub on your face and body, wash and pat dry with a towel.

While you’re still in the bathroom, and while your pores are still open from the warm water and steam, apply body lotion to retain the moisture in your skin. It is advisable to moisturize at least twice a day for long-lasting smooth skin.

Apply cream on your body and hands before going to bed. Choose night creams for your face and neck as they have corrective ingredients that help rejuvenate the skin, away from the sun, while you’re comfortably sleeping. For baby hands and legs, wear a pair of gloves and tights on top of the cream to lock in the moisture overnight. Wash it off in the morning and re-moisturize.

The reason babies have such silky smooth skin is because they haven’t been exposed to the harmful UV rays of the sun. Applying sunscreen is important to avoid dryness caused by the sun, as well as wrinkles and spots. Invest in a proper sunscreen that is higher than 30 spf. Make sure to apply the sunscreen 20 minutes before leaving the house.

The right products:
This is very important to choose the right products and right use " dont use when you sleep on your eyes" and buy the good products branded products

Winter Skin Care Treat Your Skin

Winter Skin Care Treat Your Skin 

The market is literally swarming with the face washes and other skin products. You may be one of those people who do not like to pick random products  and want to find out about its ingredients and whether they go with your skin type first. It’s best to be careful. Winter demands some special care and special face washes. If you do not already know what will work best for you, find out what face wash with particular ingredients to pick.

Winter face wash from Ponds and The Vitamin Company are two good choices if you are looking for both quality as well as durability. These face washes might be a bit expensive than the less popular brands but they are skin friendly that both exfoliate your skin and highlight its softness.

Vitamin E and aloe vera are two chief ingredients that are mostly used in winter care products. So, while you are looking for a quality winter face wash, make sure you check the ingredients first and if both of these are present, it is safe to pick the product.

Color your Hair

Color your Hair

Hair color is due to the chemicals named evemelanin and pheomelanin present in your skin and head.Well, the first essential thing a person should keep in mind before getting their hair colored is the base color. This is essential, afterwards a person can do high lights or low lights one should always get a base color applied to their hair before getting them dyed to their desired colors because if one gets high hair or low hair tined without a base color, they will show simply absurd.

Once a person gets their hair dyed, they must be oiled on daily basis, if not daily, then at least twice a week, and take proper care of them. Conditioning is a must after dying the hair, because hair tends to get very dry and messy after dying.

Also, touch ups are necessary, like after the dye has dissolved from the roots, and has outgrown one should take care that his/her hair not look Multi colored.

People should prefer to get a dye done from salons, because if they try to do it at home, may be they are less aware of how solutions to mix. How long the dye should be applied, how to wash and the different techniques of doing so? They should not make the blunder of wasting time and money by trying to do this delicate job themselves at home. A person needs extra care while dying at home as it is not an easy task so be careful .....



Well many of us are very conscious about the looks of our nails and their shapes. Some people go to beauty parlors or some takes care of their nails at home.

We will tell you some directions for the natural manicure; you can even do it while staying at home.

Every time remember that you are filing your nails only when they are dry, and file them in one direction.

Dry your nails completely. Then polish the top of the each nail with a fine stone sand stick to remove any ridges.

Wash your hands and soak them in warm water or a fruit acid solution such as butter milk or organic apple cider vinegar. Before that it's good if you will apply a cold-pressed fruit or nut oil into the cuticle area near the half-moon at the base of the nail.

Use the blunt end of an orange wood manicure stick to gently push the cuticles back from the nails.

Once the ridges are removed, smooth the top of the nail with a smoothing file and a buffing chamois. Try to use the finest grade of the buffing files.

Hair Style Suits Your Facecut

What Hair Style Suits Your Facecut

Choosing the right hair style is again a serious dilemma for a number of people. Since, your hair defines your personality, it is vital to get a hairstyle that synchronizes with your looks; the face- cut, to be more precise.  All you have to do is follow the tips mentioned below:

In case of a heart-shaped and diamond-shaped face-cut, you would need a hair style with shorter hair in the crown region and at the side, ear areas. To further enhance it, add curls and detail to the chin area. Tendrils on the jaw area or bangs can give you a wider rounder look. Do not try getting a style that would augment your already heart-shaped appearance.

Now, let’s move onto those with a round-shaped face-cut. Shorten the length of hair at the sides and ear area. Keep hair longer beyond the chin or just above it. A side part works fine too. It is better if you keep hair off the face around the cheek area.

If you have a square shaped face, this is what you would require. Go for a style that round out your hair and rather cover-up the square shaped appearance of your face. A touch of curls, angled or wispy bangs, and a few bands around the cheek area will do wonders. A cut that allows for some height is also a good idea. Do not go for a centre part, it would enhance the square shape and make your face seem big. A side part is suitable. Keep away from straight bangs and hanging hair. They are not meant for you, at all!

There. That went well. But, there is still a query left unanswered, how can one tell what type of face cut do they possess? Well, that is simple. Pull up your hair back away from your face and tie them up in a pony tail or in case they are short, stick them back with water. Concentrate at your reflection in the mirror and outline the shape using a bar of soap or a crayon. Be sure to only outline your face with the hairline surrounding your temples and forehead region. This will help you know how your face has been shaped up and you can then, relate it to the above mentioned tips and Enjoy a new look!

Remove the Ingrown Hair

Know How to Remove the Ingrown Hair

The problems of ingrown hair are faced by most of the men and women. Since men shave everyday they face this problem with their facial skin.  Whereas women while they remove their unwanted hair from several parts of the body, face this problem of ingrown hair. After the hair has grown inside the skin the main idea is to get rid of it.

The main idea is that we follow some simple home remedies for the ingrown hair problem. The first step is to cleanse the skin with a mild cleanser so that the surface dirt is removed.  After the skin has been cleansed, there is a need to apply some heat to soften the area so that the ingrown hair is removed.

Alcohol is the best sanitizer readily available for the sanitizing of the tweezers.apply a small amount of hydrogen peroxide with a clean cotton ball or square to hair follicle and then Neosporin to ward off infection.

The removal of ingrown hair can be a little difficult because being harsh to the skin can cause harm to the skin at that area. Now the most important step is to remove the hair by holding the skin taut and ‘scraping’ cotton swab in the opposite direction of the ingrown hair, so that the hair comes out. If the hair is already removed there is no need to use a needle or tweezers, but remember if any of these instruments is to be used then they should be sanitized or sterilized.

The heat is to be applied for almost five minutes so that the hair may come to surface easily. The next step is exfoliation. For mild exfoliation, use your fingers and work the fingertips in small circles around hair follicle to loosen debris and dead skin then rinse the area.

Special care should be taken while you dig the tweezers into the skin and remember prevention is always better than cure so look for ways to get rid of ingrown hair at the first place. Enjoy smooth, silky and hair-free skin!